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Who Is Ten Story Love?
Scot Gibbs – Guitars & Vocals
Brad Page – Guitars & Vocals
Michael Haught – Bass
Ken Carpenter – Drums

Where did the name “Ten Story Love” come from, anyway?Ten Story Love was a publication in the “Romance” genre that began its life as a pulp magazine, shifting to comic book format in the 1950’s.

The “Pulps,” so called because they were printed on cheap high-acid-content paper, served as popular reading material, similar to today’s paperback; cheap, portable, disposable, and often sensational. This genre flourished from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. Titles focused on specific literary genres: romance, western, detective, science fiction, horror, etc. Writers were frequently paid by the word, and to meet daily living expenses, well-known authors sometimes wrote for these magazines under pseudonyms, putting only their “literary” work under their real name.

The Pulp Fiction collection at the Library of Congress includes copies of Ten Story Love. The collection has now been microfilmed and is available in the Microform Reading Room, LJ-107, Jefferson Building.

What’s it all about?A Germ of an Idea (or was it the flu?): How The Band Got StartedTurn Down That Racket: The music so farGive us some feedback: Sign our guestbook and let us know what you think!

On Sept 4th, the best musicians in the Boston area united to raise awareness of independent music: the music you don’t hear on mainstream TV or radio. Ten Story Love took part in the Boston “Tourbaby” show at Sky Bar in Somerville MA. See pictures from the show in our Photo Gallery.